About Us

I've been around skating and surfing most of my life.  I can remember building my first longboard out of a 2 x 4 and some metal skates my dad bought for us in 1954.  It was pretty crude by today's standards but it got us to Torrance Cliffs, Burnout and Safire on weekends skating from Wilmington which is now Carson.  As time went on, my brother, who worked for North American Aviation would bring us scrap pieces of Aerospace plywood and tell us about the composite parts he would make at work, so we talked him into teaching us how to laminate our new plywood longboards with this glass and resin material he would bring us.  Now we had some really bitchin boards that would outlast the trucks and wheels.  When we went to Pennsylvania for a summer vacation I went over to the skate arena across the street and picked up some of the trucks & wheels they use on hardwood floor arenas and when I got home I put them on my board and what a difference.  They also lasted a realy long time.  As I got older and started my first business in 1967, I was always designing and making different products.  It's now 45 years later and I'm still doing the same thing - only now I'm working with my two boys, looking for the most innovative ways to manufacture products second to none in the Skate Industry.  Now I would like to introduce you to the DISSENT Longboad.