The Ride Speaks for Itself

mbrookeHow are the best longboard decks in the world made?  Using 50 million modulus high performance aerospace grade carbon fiber, high tensile strength aerospace epoxy resins, a pre-engineered orientation and combine them with the most exotic figured woods from around the world.

The results are the lightest, most responsive,, and visually appealing decks in the industry.  Adjusting the inner core and orientation accommodates different weight skaters allowing anyone to enjoy the perfect amount of flex and response (pop) that has been life cycled over a million cycles with no deviation.

Weighing less than 3.4 pounds (1543 grams) you have a deck that is easier to control maneuver, and manipulate for the best ride possible.

Our decks are hand-made in Torrance, California USA using the most gorgeous African, Brazilian, Asian and USA grown woods we could fine.

Also check out our UBER Bushings, compression molded at 70,000 psi and manufactured with high performance aerospace Urethane.  There is nothing like them in the Skateboard industry.

We Dissent from all other brands to provide you with the Ultimate that skateboarding has to offer.